IMPROVED RG Hi-OPTV High-resolution Optical Televiewer

IMPROVED RG Hi-OPTV High-resolution Optical Televiewer

Hi-OPTV high resolution optical televiewer

The Hi-OPTV provides a continuous very high resolution oriented image of the borehole walls using a conventional light source. A unique optical system based on a fisheye lens allows the probe to survey 360 degrees simultaneously. This information is processed in real time to produce a complete ‘unwrapped’ image of the borehole oriented to magnetic north. The probe offers superior resolution to the HRAT acoustic probe and produces images in real colour. While, unlike the HRAT, it can operate in air-filled boreholes, it is unsuitable for boreholes containing mud or cloudy fluids.

Hi-OPTV applications include:

  • Fracture identification and orientation
  • Stratigraphic studies
  • Local stress studies (break-out)
  • Core orientation
  • Cased hole studies

WellCAD Image-processing software

Wellcad is a Windows™-based package for processing, interpreting and displaying acoustic and optical televiewer image logs and 4-arm dipmeter logs. Standard log presentations include tadpole and stick plots, stereographic projections of poles to planes and azimuth frequency diagrams.

The synthetic core display allows convenient comparison of log and field data for orientation of fractured or incomplete core sections.

Hi-OPTV high-resolution optical televiewer - Specifications

  • Length: 2.11m
  • Diameter: 46mm (10MPa) 58mm (20MPa)
  • Circular resolution: user definable 360/540/720
  • Sensor type: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Colour resolution: CMOS image sensor 24 bit RGB

Hi-OPTV high-resolution optical televiewer1

Hi-OPTV high-resolution optical televiewer3

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