Equipment Specifications - Probes

The sidewall density gamma probe uses dual shielded detectors to provide a boreholecompensated density measurement with good bed-boundary resolution.

The trisonde offers a convenient alternative to the standard RG sidewall density probe whenever borehole diameter is restricted and qualitative density measurements are acceptable.

The RG verticality probe provides accurate, continuous measurements of borehole inclination and direction. These are output directly as log traces or may be processed further to produce tabular and graphical outputs of borehole position, borehole drift and true vertical depth.

This highly compact slimhole tool is designed specifically for geotechnical and mining applications. The probe acquires transit-time and full-waveform data simultaneously from a single transmitter and three receivers.

The focussed resistivity (LL3) measurement provides excellent vertical resolution and a reasonable depth of investigation. The guard log replaces the classic Elog in conditions of low mud resistivity and high formation resistivity.

The HRAT provides a continuous high-resolution oriented ultrasound image of the borehole wall. The probe uses a fixed acoustic transducer and a rotating acoustic mirror to scan the borehole walls with a focussed ultrasound beam. The amplitude and travel time of the reflected acoustic signal are recorded as separate image logs.

The Hi-OPTV provides a continuous very high resolution oriented image of the borehole walls using a conventional light source. A unique optical system based on a fisheye lens allows the probe to survey 360 degrees simultaneously.

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